Runfit Assessment

Running is a complex yet simple skill with many multifaceted layers. The RUNFIT assessment peels back these layers and identifies the major problems for a runner that could be contributing to past, present or future injuries. The RUNFIT Assessment looks into:

  • Mobility limitations
  • Strength Deficits
  • Functional breakdowns
  • Orthopaedic Measures
  • Gait Assessment using Simi high speed motion analysis
  • Shoe selection

After Assessment

After the assessment a program that targets the runners problem list and best fits the individual runners wants and needs is created. This program is introduced in subsequent visits after the RUNFIT assessment and could included all or part of:

  • 12 week strength training program (completed 3x/week)
  • Pre and Post run correctives
  • Mobility and Stability program
  • Run Cueing and drilling
  • Option of moving into a RUNFIT running program

Who would benefit from this?

  • Chronically Injured Runners
  • New runners
  • Runners returning from a running injury or another non running related significant injury
  • Experienced runners looking to move past a performance plateau

Initial Assessment: $130

Follow-up: $80



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