Rehab Training is a unique program offered to take the guesswork out of returning to activity or fixing the underlying movement patterns that initially caused your injury.  By working 1-on-1 with our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Kinesiologists, we identify and correct movement dysfunction and help patients develop the strength and mobility needed to ensure a successful return to activity. Through our Rehab Training program, patients return to sport, activity or work confident they are safe and are less likely to be injured in the future.

Rehab Training Assessment

Let our Strength and Conditioning Specialists or Kinesiologists examine your movement technique, mobility, and strength through a personalized functional assessment.

Rehab Training Follow-Up Sessions

Once we have completed your assessment, our Strength and Conditioning Specialists and Kinesiologists will help fix the dysfunctions identified and set you up with an exercise program to meet your goals and decrease your risk of injury or re-injury.


Initial Assessment: $130

Follow-up: $80/session


  • "At Christmas time I came to see Melissa who was referred by a friend of mine who had chronic back pain issues.  I was at wit's end as my back was getting so bad that all that could be done was pain meds and anti-inflammatories over the previous 5 years.  After the first treatment, I was able to extend my sleep time from a couple of hours to four to five hours. Within a month my chronic 24/7 pain was reduced drastically.  Over time and work it has progressively got much better."

    Gene Hrabec
  • "In the late spring, I pulled a muscle in my back and stressed my sciatic nerve which also caused me some issues with my calves.  I have been working with Melissa and graduated to Becca who has been drilling me diligently to strengthen my core and lower back.  I cannot say enough about the program as it brought me along from treatment with Melissa to a workout routine that Becca created to improve my health and proper technique along with interacting and networking with other clients."

    Gene Hrabec

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