Learn to Lift

A 6-week program designed to teach youth aged 11-17 yrs. and adults proper technique for all basic fundamental movement patterns including squatting, deadlifting, pushing, pulling & carrying. Learn proper form to train safely with your sports team or at the gym. Sessions are taught by Physiotherapists Darren Bishop or Ruben San Martin that specialize in weightlifting.

Each athlete receives:

• Complete movement & strength assessment

• Individualized stability, mobility & core exercise program

• Proper warm-up & cool-down procedures

Introductory sessions begin Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 8 PM.

Group class:  $189.00 (1 hour session once a week); Individual sessions available: Call for prices.


Youth Weightlifting with Darren B

Register today for our group & individual sessions.

Call us at +1 (780) 570-0225 to register. For more information email scottg@sherwoodparkphysio.com

Who you'll be working with.

  • Ruben San Martin

  • Darren Bishop

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