Athlete Development


SPORTFIT programs are designed to help athletes of all ages develop more efficient movement patterns whether your goal is speed, strength, power or agility.  We are not a gym. Our physiotherapists, kinesiologists and athletic therapists are movement specialists analyzing each athlete to identify movement breakdowns and creating programs customized to create more efficient movement strategies.


  • Speed / Agility / Quickness

    A training program designed to improve linear speed, agility and quickness through lower body power and footwork technique with safe movement patterns.

  • Movement Training

    A program for athletes of all ages to develop movement control for proper run, squat, jump, cut, hop, push and pull preventing injuries and improving performance.

  • FitLight Reaction Training

    The new age of reaction training! A unique wireless system of lights as targets to train speed, agility and coordination in sport specific situations.

  • Pre season Prep

    Sport specific training to prepare athletes for individual or team tryouts including fitness and drills with safe movement patterns.

  • Team Training

    Sport specific training for all sports which includes fitness and drills emphasizing SAFE movement patterns to improve performance and prevent injury.

  • Personal Training- LIVEFIT

    Personalized 1on 1 training is the best way to get your body back into activity after injury or inactivity.

Who you'll be working with.

  • Lesley Binning

  • Scott Gilroy

  • Jordan Biggs