Athlete Development

SPORTFIT builds better athletes by improving movement quality. Our programs are different teaching safe, efficient movement patterns to prevent injuries and improve results.

  • Speed / Agility / Quickness

    A training program designed to improve linear speed, agility and quickness through lower body power and footwork technique with safe movement patterns.

  • Movement Training

    A program for athletes of all ages to develop movement control for proper run, squat, jump, cut, hop, push and pull preventing injuries and improving performance.

  • FitLight Reaction Training

    The new age of reaction training! A unique wireless system of lights as targets to train speed, agility and coordination in sport specific situations.

  • Pre season Prep

    Sport specific training to prepare athletes for individual or team tryouts including fitness and drills with safe movement patterns.

  • Team Training

    Sport specific training for all sports which includes fitness and drills emphasizing SAFE movement patterns to improve performance and prevent injury.

  • Personal Training- LIVEFIT

    Personalized 1on 1 training is the best way to get your body back into activity after injury or inactivity.

Injury Prevention

Faulty movement patterns lead to injury and poor sports performance. Avoid being sidelined by injury. Take a proactive approach to prevention.

  • Learn to Lift

    A 6-week program designed to teach youth aged 11-17 yrs. and adults proper technique for all basic fundamental movement patterns including squatting, deadlifting, pushing, pulling & carrying.

  • SIMI Video Movement Analysis

    Using high speed video we capture how you move to identify where your body is stressed or at risk of injury.

  • Concussion Testing

    Testing brain function before concussion gives us measures to determine if you have a concussion and plan a safe return to sport.


    A Personalized evaluation of your form will help you run further, faster, injury free.


    Golfers of all levels can reduce their risk of injury by improving their mobility, strength and overall form.

  • KNEEFIT: ACL Injury Prevention Program

    Knee injuries can be prevented. We screen athletes for risk of injury and teach and train exercises which build the strength and control to reduce stress on the ACL.

Return to Sport

If you have completed therapy but are not quite ready to return to sport these programs will help you bridge the gap.


    A program designed to prepare athletes to return to sports following ACL injury or surgery.

  • Return to Throw

    A program designed to prepare athletes to return to overhead throwing sports.


    We train athletes after all injuries to ensure to prepare for the demands of return to full sport and activity.


    Our protocol program is designed to safely progress athletes and active people from concussion back to sport or activity.