We've Got You Covered

Whether you’re looking to get back to sport or want to maintain an active lifestyle, our team of therapists, trainers and specialists work together with you to help achieve your goals.

  • Physiotherapy

    Rehabilitate your injury and learn how to prevent future injuries.

  • Massage

    Aids in relaxation and is important in treating injuries and preparing and recovering from surgery.

  • Athletic Therapy

    The Prevention, conditioning, early identification/intervention and progressive rehabilitation.

  • Acupuncture

    An alternative way to control pain and enhance the healing of injuries.

  • Dry Needling / IMS

    Dry Needling can relieve pain caused by trigger points and tight muscle bands and knots.

  • Brace Fitting

    See us for on–site fitting of a variety of stock and custom made braces.

  • Dr. Mike Burns Chiropractor

    Our chiropractic care is focused on finding the root of the problem.


What's New

  • Improving Performance for Overhead Athletes

    Having a strong, conditioned rotator cuff is critical to help prevent shoulder injuries from occurring and to maximize performance.

  • How Effective is Ice on an Injury?

    Recently an article was published on the MacLean’s website discussing the controversial topic of whether or not using ice helps an injury. Here is what we think and why we choose to use it when we do!

  • Sinister 7- Have You Got What It Takes?

    Participating in an ultra marathon is a daunting but incredible endeavour. It takes a huge commitment from every facet of your life and will test each of these throughout the training process and into race day.