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Sherwood Park Sports Physiotherapy

What's new

Soccer players’ ACL injury risk may drop after a warm-up

Female soc­cer play­ers are prone to ante­rior cru­ci­ate lig­a­ment injuries of the knee, but a recent study has found that a spe­cific 15-minute warm-up sig­nif­i­cantly reduced the risk of ACL injuries. The warm-up was done twice weekly through­out the play­ing sea­son and con­sisted of six exer­cises con­cen­trat­ing on knee con­trol and core sta­bil­ity. Injuries were assessed by doc­tors and phys­i­cal therapists.

The warm-up group saw a 64% reduc­tion in the rate of ACL injuries as well as drops in severe knee injuries. We are proud to say that these six exer­cises are part of our KNEEFIT pro­gram.  Ask us about how we can help your team or athlete!

Inter­ested in learn­ing KNEEFIT?

Coaches Clinic

We pro­vide clin­ics to coaches and ath­letes with in-depth instruc­tion of the KNEEFIT pro­gram and a tuto­r­ial ses­sion to learn, trial and ask questions.

Call us for upcom­ing course dates and loca­tions:  780 464‑5915

Don’t want to wait for a course?  Call us.  We also do ses­sions for indi­vid­ual teams

Cre­ate Your Own Comeback

At Sher­wood Park Sports Phys­io­ther­apy, we do what works. Your per­sonal course of treat­ment will include any or all of the tech­niques and dis­ci­plines we offer from indi­vid­u­al­ized exer­cise pro­grams to man­ual “hands on” treat­ment, acupunc­ture or intra­mus­cu­lar needling (IMS), cus­tom made foot orthotics and braces, taping/padding/splinting, chi­ro­prac­tic care and mas­sage ther­apy.  We even have a physi­cian with sports med­i­cine expe­ri­ence avail­able to eval­u­ate spe­cial cases.

What­ever your needs, we will work with you to get you healthy.

The Best Way to PREDICT your FUTURE is to cre­ate it

To your time, effort and com­mit­ment, we add our help in achiev­ing your goals. What­ever your indi­vid­ual pro­gram involves, you’ll have coor­di­nated and seam­less access to assist you in your recovery.


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