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Sherwood Park Sports Physiotherapy

What's new

Soccer players’ ACL injury risk may drop after a warm-up

Female soccer players are prone to anterior cruciate ligament injuries of the knee, but a recent study has found that a specific 15-minute warm-up significantly reduced the risk of ACL injuries. The warm-up was done twice weekly throughout the playing season and consisted of six exercises concentrating on knee control and core stability. Injuries were assessed by doctors and physical therapists.

The warm-up group saw a 64% reduction in the rate of ACL injuries as well as drops in severe knee injuries. We are proud to say that these six exercises are part of our KNEEFIT program.  Ask us about how we can help your team or athlete!

Interested in learning KNEEFIT?

Coaches Clinic

We provide clinics to coaches and athletes with in-depth instruc­tion of the KNEEFIT pro­gram and a tuto­r­ial session to learn, trial and ask questions.

Call us for upcoming course dates and locations:  780 464-5915

Don’t want to wait for a course?  Call us.  We also do sessions for individual teams

Create Your Own Comeback

At Sherwood Park Sports Physiotherapy, we do what works. Your personal course of treatment will include any or all of the techniques and disciplines we offer from individualized exercise programs to manual “hands on” treatment, acupuncture or intramuscular needling (IMS), custom made foot orthotics and braces, taping/padding/splinting, chiropractic care and massage therapy.  We even have a physician with sports medicine experience available to evaluate special cases.

Whatever your needs, we will work with you to get you healthy.

The Best Way to PREDICT your FUTURE is to create it

To your time, effort and commitment, we add our help in achieving your goals. Whatever your individual program involves, you’ll have coordinated and seamless access to assist you in your recovery.


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